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At Bendel IP Legal LLC, we are passionate about helping others achieve tangible results with intangible property rights. We work with individual and small business makers, creators, and innovators to discover the value in their ideas and manage their intellectual property (IP) estates to optimize their assets and opportunities.

Mike Bendel, of Bendel IP Legal, began his career as an IP attorney in the upper level of an award-winning renovated barn where he worked alongside three colleagues - and above an aromatic working horse stable. He went on to join Kimberly-Clark Corporation as a patent attorney and IP counsel and developed strategic IP plans that helped drive the global conglomerate's business success. In his 24 years of practice, he has helped his clients obtain hundreds of registrations for their patents, trademarks, service marks, and copyrights.

When you work with Bendel IP Legal LLC, we will help you to:

- Protect your valuable ideas so others cannot use them for free;

-Determine the significance of your intellectual property and how it can help you reach your goals;

-Master the fine print: protect the right ideas, iterations, and innovations - the first time

- Maintain control of your property rights as you commercialize or license your creative work

- Protect your present and your potential by developing documents that will evolve with your growth and success

Team Members

Michael Bendel

Appleton, WI

"On my watch" I have built a results-oriented intellectual property acumen by protecting what matters.…

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